Finearms & Shooting Supplies is Nova Scotia’s newest FIREARM supplier!! The idea for our business came about when we found that you couldn't buy a decent shotgun, rifle, or handgun anymore in the Municapality of Halifax, Nova Scotia. So we take pride in supplying quality guns and accessories from reputable manufacturers like Beretta, Benelli, Ruger, Sigarms and much more. Our goal is to provide excellent grade guns and at very competitive prices.

Your selection of what you wish to order is not limited. Any gun you wish to purchase will either be on-hand or can be special ordered for you. However, we will only order guns and shotgun ammo for sport shooting and hunting. Due to the price of the guns that we are handling, we prefer that you give us a few days advance notice in order for us to have your gun ready for pickup. Also, if you would like more information on the guns we sell, feel free to visit the links to each manufacturer's website.

Our mission is to provide sport shooters and hunters with high quality firearms for a fair price and we intend to follow through on that mission.

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