The lightweight and brisk handling Montefeltro is a Benelli classic. Available in 20 ga. the Montefeltro is an ideal upland gun. It uses a one-piece receiver of hard-anodized aluminum, sculpted for even lighter weight.

Locking is as solid as a vault door with a solid steel rotary bolt engaging directly to the steel barrel. This system allows the Montefeltro to handle all 2 3/4" and 3" magnum loadings without undue stress on internal mechanisms. Barrels are chrome-lined, steel-proofed and include a selection of five choke tubes.

Available in a variety of finishes and barrel lengths, the lightweight yet solid Montefeltro is a joy to have in the field.

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The 20-gauge Montefeltro, at about 5 1/2" lbs., is already an excellent choice for women or junior shooters, and the option of a 12 1/2" pull length satin finished walnut buttstock makes it even better. Junior shooters need not worry about growing too big for the short-stocked "Monte" because full length stocks are available as an option and can be easily installed.
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