The Benelli SuperSport is the ultimate “speed gun” for sporting clays. The ComforTech™ recoil-dampening system allows the shooter to recover for the critical second shot up to 69% faster than other comparable shotguns — that's fast! Couple the quick recovery speed with a ported barrel that keeps muzzle climb to a minimum and it's double fast. The ComforTech™ system was developed to take the punishment out of 3-1/2" magnums so imagine what it can do with 2-3/4" target loads. Its special gel recoil pad and comb insert made from materials developed for the medical industry reduce felt recoil by up to 48% compared to the competition.

When it comes to smoking targets, the SuperSport's Crio™ barrel and CrioChokes™ produce patterns 13.2% more dense than other brands.

In most sporting clays tournaments, only one clay separates the winner from the losers. With the SuperSport's superior reliability, faster recovery time, less recoil and denser shot patterns, it's almost like having an unfair advantage.

Super Black Eagle II Super Sport Synthetic

Super Black Eagle II Super Sport Walnut
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