The Super Black Eagle II sets the standard for styling, versatility and performance by which all other semi-auto shotguns are judged. At the cutting edge of technology and design, the Super Black Eagle II is based around the proven Benelli Inertia Driven™ bolt mechanism that allows the Super Black Eagle II to shoot 2-3/4", 3" and even 3-1/2" magnum ammunition with no adjustments and incredible speed and reliability. In addition, the Super Black Eagle II incorporates new advanced technology and some down-to-earth basic improvements, such as drilled and tapped receivers.

The new ComforTech™ system reduces recoil up to 48% over the competition, without adding any moving parts or weight. Compared to competing brands the Benelli weighs 13 to 15% less — on average, that's more than a pound less! The ComforTech™ system also reduces muzzle climb by 15%. For fast follow-up shots, this allows the shooter to get back on target up to 69% faster than the competition. The cryogenically treated barrel is frozen to –300° F which relieves stresses left over from hammer-forging. The result? The barrel flexes consistently, shot after shot. It also produces a smoother bore that stays cleaner and offers less resistance to the wad and shot producing denser, more uniform shot patterns. A new buttpad made of a shock-absorbing gel, originally developed for the medical industry, works with the ComforTech™ system to soak up recoil. Benelli engineers used extensive computer modeling to create an ergonomic design so refined that left- and right-handers have entirely different recoil pads.

A new corrosion resistant recoil spring and guide remain free of rust and ride in a new recoil tube that is easily cleaned by removing the quick-detachable recoil pad.

Super Black Eagle II Max-4.

Super Black Eagle II Advantage Timber

Super Black Eagle II Synthetic

Super Black Eagle II Walnut


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