Based on 40 years experience in manufacturing over two and a half million semi-automatic gas operated shotguns, the new A391 3.5 Xtrema is born. Designed and conceived for the use of Super Magnum 3.5” (89mm) cartridges, it’s also capable in functioning with lighter cartridges.

Gas Operations System

The action of the Xtrema features a unique gas operation system. The Xtrema is the first shotgun to incorporate a gas system with a rotating locking bolt. The locking lugs engage the extended barrel tang, that in turn mates perfectly with the receiver due to its indexing lugs and extended surface contact area. This minimizes barrel movement caused by the powerful 3 1/2" loads and improves accuracy. The Xtrema was designed to shoot the heaviest steel loads repeatedly and continuously. The self-cleaning system functions with amazing reliability.
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