92 Series Pistols are semi-automatics and operate on the short recoil, delayed locking block system, which yields a faster cycle time and delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability. Each features a lightweight, forged frame made form aircraft-quality aluminum alloy. All 92 series pistols feature unique safety refinements. On FS models, the manual safety also functions as a decocking lever. A firing pin block secures the firing pin. The chamber loaded indicator is visible or can be felt by touch.

Three Operating Systems, a Wide Range of Models.

Finearms currently offers you a choice of two operating systems, each with specific safety options: FS Models - Double/single action, external ambidextrous manual safety, decocking lever, trigger bar disconnect, rotating firing pin striker, firing pin block device. D Models - Double action only with no safety lever (“slick slide”), firing pin block device. Both models feature a “chamber loaded” indicator.
The most tested and trusted personal defense weapon in history. The 92FS, designated M9 by the U.S. Military, not only meets or exceeds all U.S. Military testing guidelines, it totally rewrites them. With U.S. Government standards for pistol reliability set at 1,250 MRBF (Mean Rounds Between Operational Mission Failure), the Beretta M9 averages 30,000 rounds for reliability. Each pistol must pass a battery of more than 3,000 quality control checks and measures that includes complete interchangeability of parts.
This is double action-only version of the standard 92FS, with no external safety levers (“slick slide”) and the hammer spur removed. Extended side serrations provide a sure grip for fast, easy racking of the slide. D models are as easy to operate as a revolver, with the exact same smooth trigger pull for each shot.
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