The sophisticated engineering in Ruger double-action revolvers is evident not only in how they are put together, but in how quickly they can be disassembled. Composed of a series of integrated subassemblies, the GP100 and SP101 can be fieldstripped to their basic components in seconds for cleaning without the use of tools. Ruger's philosophy of strength, simplicity, and ease of maintenance has been applied throughout.

The GP100 and SP101 represent significant improvements over every other double-action revolver available in the world today. Frame widths are increased in critical areas that support the barrel; both frame sidewalls are solid and integral sections of the frame, offering additional strength and rigidity. Cylinder-locking notches are offset and cut into the thick part of the cylinder walls between the centers of the chambers rather than directly over them. In its firing position, the cylinder is securely locked to the frame in two places: at the rear by the traditional cylinder pin, and at the front of the crane by a large, unique spring-loaded latch. This helps ensure proper cylinder and barrel alignment for optimum accuracy.

Ruger GP100 • GP-161
Ruger GP100 • KGPF-840
Ruger GP100 • GPF-331
Ruger SP101 • KSP-831X
Ruger GP100 • KGPF-340
Ruger SP101 • KSP-321XL
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