If you run your hands over the absolutely clean lines of a Ruger Red Label or Woodside shotgun, you will find that there are no exposed pins or screws, and you will sense that you're holding a timeless beauty in the finest tradition of American design. Like every Ruger firearm, the Red Label, Woodside, and All-Weather shotguns embody the Company's many years of experience in developing and producing high performance firearms.

Ruger over and under shotguns are not built to a price; they incorporate sophisticated mechanical refinements and details. Yet because they are produced in a factory famous for efficiency, they are also the best value in the over and under field. They are more than just asthetically pleasing, as Ruger quality helps them retain their value after years of service, given reasonable care.

Ruger over and under shotguns are made in three frame sizes appropriate to their gauge. All barrels are back-bored (.743 in 12-gauge, .633 in 20-gauge, .563 in 28-gauge) and all accept long stainless-steel choke tubes (2 7/16", 2' and 1 1/2" respectively). The result is a shotgun that features "softer" recoil and more uniform patterns.

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