The Scout rifle concept has been around for a long time, but up to now all items have been custom made assemblies of existing components. Steyr Mannlicher has now developed a serial production version of the Scout rifle which meets all scout criteria and is ready for action as soon as it comes out of the box.

The Scout rifle is compact and light in weight. Its overall length is 98 cm with the stock at the short option. Its weight is 3.2 kg unloaded, but with telescope sight in place.

The action of the Steyr Scout is the turnbolt design "Safe Bolt System." It is a 90 degree turning bolt of an entirely new design with four diametrically opposed locking lugs. Its three-positioned manual safety switch rides on the centerline of the tang. Both 5 and 10 round detachable box magazines (adapter necessary) may be used, featuring the double detent retention system which permit the weapon to be single-loaded with a full magazine in position and instantly available on demand.

Caliber: 223 Rem., 308 Win., 376 Steyr, 7 mm-08 Rem.


  • High-Capacity-Kit: includes HC-Adapter and one HC-Magazine (10 Rounds)
  • Soft Butt Plate
  • Scout Sling
  • High Scope Mount
  • Assembling Tool
  • 5 Round Cartridge Carrier
  • Synthetic inlays in wooden appearance
  • Black Stock
  • Butt Spacers

This rifle in modern design with a reobust synthetic stock is the best rifle for a profi-hunter. With butt spacers this rifle allows an individual settting of the length of the stock.

Rugged durability, incredible accuracy and advanced safety systems (SBS System) have made the Steyr ProHunter the rifle of choice from hunters who expect more from their rifle. The Steyr ProHunter truly offers performance, safety and reliability.

The Steyr ProHunter rifles are also available with stainless steel barrels for best weather resistance. Sights and HC-Kit (High Capacity Kit = 10 round magazine kit) is optionally available.

The Steyr ProHunter models are also available as "Tactical" models which means they have a black synthetic stock, a black double pull trigger, a black bolt, with black large bolt-handle.

Optional the ProHunter Tactical models are available with heavy barrel (HB).


Steyr ProHunter and Steyr ProHunter Mountain
(= Goiserer)
L-Caliber: 243 Win., 308 Win.
7 mm-08 Rem.

270 Win., 7x64
25-06 Rem., 30-06 Spr.


7 mm Rem.Mag.
300 Win.Mag.
376 Steyr (only Steyr ProHunter Mountain)

Steyr ProHunter Tactical
308 Win.
Steyr ProHunter Tactical Heavy Barrel:
308 Win.
300 Win.Mag.
7 mm Rem.Mag
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